Guangdong GUCON Biotech Co., Ltd (GUCON) is a high-tech enterprise specializing in development and distribution of in-vitro diagnostic reagents. Now Gucon has established its sales center in Beijing, Nanjing, Jinan, zhengzhou and Chengdu City respectively.

GUCON focuses on distribution the kits of bone metabolism, infectious disease, tumor, reproductive failure, cardiovascular, IVD material, antibody, antigen and etc.. Furthermore, GUCON also provided bone or tumor related animal model or drug selection service. Therefore, GUCON became the most professional bone related assay or service provider in China.

Since Nov. 2006, GUCON has successfully become the exclusive distributor of IDS (Bone Biomarkers), SAVYON, Certest, Pharmatest (Preclinical test: osteoporosis-cancer-osteoarthritis), BIOMEDICA, MEDIAGOST, IMMUTOPICS (QUIDEL), IMMUDIAGNOSTIK in China including Hongkong and Macao. Furthermore,  GUCON also became the distributor of Nucleix, Proton, Proliant, immunoreagents, Quidel and Scimed in China.

GUCON always import the kits directly from manufacturers; shorten the period of supplying kits to end users, which ensure the user can get world excellent kit quickly. For those kits have temperature requirements, GUCON provide cool logistics solution, ensure the kits performance be not affected by transportation or storage.

GUCON will focus on further introduce the most advanced technology or products into China, assist to implement the medical diagnosis equipment and level, thus to improve the disease prevention and therapy monitoring ability for Chinese people.

Our Tenet

Excellence and Self-transcendence

Our Service Concept

Quality priority, actively promote technology application and operation.

Our Operation Concept

Honest, reliable, focus on market-demand trend, protect the customer’s benefits.

Our Mission

Devote to the health service of humankind base on science with high quality under the guidance of market.

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