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Marketing Director

Post responsibility:

1, according to the company's marketing strategy, make the annual marketing plan;

2, improve the market share and competitiveness of products;

3. Maintain good long-term relationship with customers and maintain the brand image of the company;

4, according to the marketing plan, regularly carry out market dynamic feedback, develop customer resources;

5, Department staff management, led the team to complete the company issued tasks;

6, assist to complete other matters assigned by the company.

7, under the jurisdiction of Tianjin, Hebei region: Beijing, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, and Jilin, Liaoning, Heilongjiang

Job requirements:

1. Graduation of clinical medicine, biotechnology, biochemistry, immunology, pharmacy and other related majors;

2, years of sales experience in medical equipment or pharmaceutical enterprises;

3, with excellent overall control, co-ordination, problem analysis, positioning capabilities;

4, good at business development, customer communication, business counseling and have good sales management ability;

5. Able to travel frequently and work under high pressure.

Regional investment manager (Beijing \ Tianjin \ Hebei \ Shanxi \ Inner Mongolia \ Jilin \ \ Heilongjiang Liaoning)

Post responsibility:

1. Responsible for introducing and promoting product projects with potential customers, organizing various academic promotion activities;

2. Responsible for the introduction, development, negotiation and management of the agents within the jurisdiction, and maintain good cooperation relationship;

3. Responsible for collecting the market information of similar products within the jurisdiction, timely feedback and collaborative research and formulate corresponding investment strategy;

4. Follow up the sales of the products in the regional hospital, and assist the agents to develop the volume;

5, the development of a variety of sales channels, the completion of the company's performance indicators and payment tasks;

6, office in Beijing, can be assigned to the capital cities throughout the country to stay or do short-term travel;

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above in clinical medicine, biotechnology, biochemistry, immunology, pharmacy, medical examination and other related majors;

2, with rich pharmaceutical industry, medical equipment and other related enterprise customer resources or business background priority;

3, engaged in the in vitro diagnostic reagent sales work priority;

4, have strong investment progress control and negotiation ability, have strong practical ability and executive ability;

5. Ability to conduct market research, forecast and analysis activities, with independent operation and execution ability;

6, have the enthusiasm and self challenge, can work under pressure;

Regional Sales Manager

Post responsibility:

1. Responsible for the channel construction, market development and customer maintenance of the products under the jurisdiction;

2. Implement the company's sales policy and achieve the regional sales target;

3, formulate the marketing plan of the jurisdiction area, effectively implement all kinds of marketing activities of the company;

4. Complete the training, management and technical support for distributors and hospital clients;

5. Participate in the bidding work in the area under the jurisdiction;

6. Collect and sort out the market information related to the company's business in time.

7, the jurisdiction of Tianjin, Hebei, including: Beijing, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Jilin, Liaoning, Heilongjiang

Job requirements:

1, college degree or above, have in vitro diagnostic reagents experience is preferred, has the rich customer resources is preferred;

2, love sales, have good professional ethics and dedication, strong communication skills and executive ability, with strong dedication, hard-working;

3. Flexible thinking ability and decisive executive ability;

4, have the sense of teamwork and share the attitude, have Thanksgiving attitude, honesty, long-term stable work;

5. Be able to adapt to the short-term business trip rhythm.

Academic Promotion Commissioner

Post responsibility:

1. Responsible for the training of disease knowledge, product knowledge and competitive product knowledge in the related areas of the employees in the region;

2. Responsible for the planning, implementation and coordination of the marketing activities in the areas under the jurisdiction of the people's Republic of china;

3. Responsible for the collection, participation, organization, implementation and evaluation of academic conferences in the jurisdiction;

4. Assist managers in organizing and participating in national academic activities;

5. Train and guide the front line personnel and distributors or customers on products and related technical knowledge;

6, collect market information, grasp customer demand, formulate local marketing strategy;

7. Assist in the training and technical support for the customer's experimental operation;

8. Translate the latest product information and literature abroad;

9, complete the leadership assigned by other matters.

Job requirements:

1, clinical medicine, biotechnology, biochemistry, immunology, pharmacy and other related professional graduate, bachelor degree or above;

2, have strong interpersonal communication, communication, language expression ability and good professional accomplishment, and have dedication and positive attitude;

3, hard work, practical, strong sense of responsibility, learning ability, organizational ability, mature personality;

4. Good team work spirit and organization coordination ability;

5. Be able to work under pressure, accept short-term business trip, and finish the tasks assigned by the leader in time.

Laboratory Specialist

Post responsibility:

1. Responsible for the experimental operation of designated hospitals in Beijing;

2, solve the problems encountered in the use of products and timely feedback;

3, timely feedback to the progress and data of the experiment;

4. Finish other temporary work arranged by the leader.

Job requirements:

1, biological engineering, pharmaceutical, medical examination related professional, college degree or above;

2, have done immune reagents experiment, careful and careful priority;

3, have a certain writing ability, good at communication, strong sense of service;

4. Adapt to short term business trip
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