SHIKARI® S-ATR (Rituxan®, Mabthera®)

Enzyme immunoassay for the quantitative determination of antibodies to Rituximab (Rituxan®, Mabthera®) in serum and plasma.



The Matriks Biotek Antibody to Rituximab (Rituxan®, Mabthera®) Enzyme-Linked-Immuno-Sorbent-Assay (ELISA) Kit is intended for the qualitative determination of antibodies to rituximab (Rituxan®, Mabthera®) in serum and plasma.


Required Volume (µl) 20
Total Time (min) 140
Sample Serum, plasma
Sample Number 96
Detection Limit (ng/mL) 30
Spike Recovery (%) Between 85-115
Shelf Life (year) 1
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