Gucon Biotech Initiated Urgent Order Processing Procedure
To fulfill the urgent demands from hospitals or labs during Coronavirus period, Guangdong Gucon Biotech initiated urgent order processing procedure. 

Urgent order contact mobile phone: +86.189.2750.5895. 

Since the order increasing a lot, Gucon Biotech increased the kits supplying, finished fast customs clearance under the great policy support from government authority. 

For any interested labs or hospitals, if you need our support, pls. feel free to contact us soon!  We will offer our best effort to support you. 

Urgent kits supplying as below:

Certest RSV-adeno Blsiter Test

Savyon SeroCP IgG ELISA kit

Savyon SeroCP IgM ELISA kit

Savyon SeroMP IgG ELISA kit

Savyon SeroMP IgM ELISA kit
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